Everything changes when you have a baby!

Bringing Baby Home™ (BBH) is a workshop for expecting and new parents of infants and toddlers experiencing the transition to parenthood. BBH teaches couples how to strengthen their friendship, increase intimacy and regulate conflict.  In addition, couples learn about child development, learn how to co-parent with their partner, and discover ways to keep both parents involved in parenting. 

John Gottman, Ph.D and Julie Gottman Ph.D are pioneers in relationship science and have revolutionized our understanding of marriage, relationships and couples therapy.

Jessica Swabey is a Certified Gottman Educator of the Bringing Baby Home Program and is ready to support your journey into parenthood with a two-day workshop that is research based and research tested.

Being A Mom, Struggles may include:

    • Anxiety, depression, loneliness
    • Feeling overwhelmed by daily challenges
    • Feeling incompetent or not good enough
    • Guilt for taking time for yourself
    • Concerns about being emotionally present
    • Spousal/partner communication and conflict
    • Maintaining relationship quality with spouse

Being A Dad, Struggles may include:

    • Adjustment to new parental role and routines
    • Getting enough rest for work
    • Connecting with your baby
    • Feelings of anxiety and stress
    • Managing money and budgets
    • Managing communication and conflict with partner
    • Maintaining romance and intimacy with spouse/partner

Documented results from engaging in the program include:

  • Fewer child language delays
  • Baby shows less distress to limitations
  • More positive response by baby to father’s soothing
  • A sense of appreciation and satisfaction resulting from greater involvement by the father.
  • Increased parent-child positive interactions
  • Increased relationship quality and stability in couple relationships
  • Less Postpartum Depression, baby blues and anxiety for both parents

Dr. Gottman speaks about the science behind the Bringing Baby Home Program…

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